A long-term experience in the co-packing industry

Our success

Our success is primarily due to a continuous search of new, more effective methods and solutions in our implementation of services. Gecon Logistics thoroughly understands the meaning of value-added services (VAS), and the importance of involving the employees in every decision-making and executive task — in the spirit of Kaizen.

In 2021, Forbes listed us as one of the best logistics operators in Poland. Our commitment to providing quality services has earned us recognition as a leading company in the industry.

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and our commitment to excellence has been rewarded with this prestigious award.  Read more


Logistics management from start until finish

Sometimes what customers need is a logistics solution slightly more tailored to their specific needs. Others need a service that will be able to handle a more unusual or complex assignment. Gecon Logistics can live up even to the most complex requirements of its clientele. Our services are broad and tailor-made — carried out individually for each client.

Excellent location

Our company is based in Szczecin, Poland. It greatly simplifies communication with our suppliers and recipients, due to an advantageous transport node.

Packaging products & materials

The products are securely and firmly packaged, which allows a perfectly safe transportation.

Quality assurance

Full quality control in accordance with the customer's guidelines.

Comprehensive support

Full, comprehensive service. The customer doesn't need to have a warehouse, own system or employees.

Product inspection services and repair

Our staff will assemble and package the product, completing its final version which will be ready for transportation.