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Our management team focuses on providing logistics services specific to companies from the e-commerce field.


By opting for fulfilment, the partner completely focuses on running the business without worrying about delivering the order to the customer.

Product inspection services and repair

Our staff will assemble and package the product, completing its final version which will be ready for transportation.

Packaging products & materials

The products are securely and firmly packaged, which allows a perfectly safe transportation.

Comprehensive support

Full, comprehensive service. The customer doesn't need to have a warehouse, own system or employees.

Quality assurance

Full quality control in accordance with the customer's guidelines.


We advise our clients on all issues related to traffic, transport and logistics.


Reconfiguration of products that already exist and creating new ones.


Returning products back into circulation.

Marking of the shipping goods

Labeling of the products; putting a tag, flyers or leaflets on them.

Repackaging service​

A repackaging of goods. The items can be packed into separate, collective or special packages.

Dismantling and forming of containers

A comprehensive service that takes place in our warehouse.​

Labeling the shipping goods

Sensible labeling of the products; putting a tag, flyers or leaflets on them.​

Returning the goods

Full management of returned materials for the purpose of getting them back into trading.

Consultancy services​

Full advice and support for clients in search of the best means of transportation.​


Pallet spaces

5000 pallets


Office space


External surface


Warehouse space

5000 m2