Fulfillment is a special type of logistics service that uses all the advantages offered by outsourcing. As a result, an entrepreneur can concentrate on the principal task of his company – generating profits.

Fulfillment is dedicated to online store owners and to all entities operating in the e-commerce market. The user hands over the fulfillment of orders to an external operator who specializes in handling orders.  With such a solution, the e-business owner gets a proven partner who takes care of every stage of the purchase. The service includes receiving products from suppliers, storage, handling activities, but also transport directly to the customer, returns and complaints. 

An experienced logistics operator helps reduce costs, which is especially important for growing businesses. Fulfillment is a tool that allows you to expand the scale of your operations and strengthen your position in the market, without having to contribute large amounts of money.

The service eliminates the need for warehouse space and transfers responsibility for key factors in the entire process. The logistics operator guarantees excellent customer contact, as well as the necessary conditions for storing the assortment, protection from theft and mechanical damage, and updating of available inventory.

Fulfillment is an example of a profitable investment that is gaining popularity within the e-commerce sector. Check out the benefits it will bring to your business!

Who is Fulfillment for?

Fulfillment is characterised by its universality and versatility of application, which is very attractive to small and medium-sized organizations, as well as to individual contractors. That’s why the service is great for the 3 most common cases.

No experience

Fullfillment service is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who are just beginning their e-commerce adventureadventure with e-commerce. Establishing a partnership with an experienced logistics operator significantly reduces the responsibilities of developing merchants, allowing a smooth entry into the market.

No capital

Another category of users are those who do not have or do not want to commit large amounts of cash. Logistics centers offer warehouse space, and this generates considerable savings. The cost of rent, electricity, utilities, maintenance and training of employees and the purchase of specialized equipment – leasing a warehouse involves serious expenses. The fulfillment service reduces the cost of doing business to a minimum. 

No time

Fulfillment is an economy of finances, but also of time. The logistics model supports those manufacturers who focus on ensuring the highest quality of products delivered. Then, any additional activities and operations are outsourced.

Fulfillment – importance for online stores

A competent logistics partner optimizes the operation of an online store, allows it to stand out and strengthen its position among sizable competitors. Fulfillment undeniably has a huge impact on the success of virtual retailers.

Planning organization

Logistics agents provide state-of-the-art tools and techniques dedicated to the e-commerce industry. Entering into a partnership means access to inventory, package tracking, security measures applied, as well as payment processes. All the data allows you to coordinate future orders and get to know your customers better, which increases profits.

Satisfaction transportation

Delivery to the customer is the final, and very important, factor of the entire order. This final stage can determine the continuation or termination of the use of the products of an online store, so it requires special care. Fulfillment guarantees reduced transportation costs, efficient shipping, as well as a complete package of information for the user. According to the survey, a clear mark of the expected delivery date increases the chance of purchase among 60% of respondents, so the issue of carriage cannot be underestimated.

Costs down, profit up

Every business strives to reduce company operating expenses and increase sales. Fulfillment eliminates unnecessary expenses, introduces savings to the budget and allows you to focus on your company’s target mission.

Fulfillment – advantages

It is estimated that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made through an e-commerce system. Such forecasts are particularly attractive for online store owners, who can take advantage of all the advantages of fulfillment.


Fulfillment makes it easy to reach a wide audience with your product line. The logistics operator’s specialized services mean that purchases can be made regardless of geographic restrictions or even a different time zone.


Cooperating with an external partner means drawing on their knowledge, experience, technology and know-how. Providing the highest quality service at every stage of the process, builds customer confidence and regularly expands the list of contractors.

Cost savings

Money, time, as well as space. Fulfillment is an investment that simplifies the operation of an organization in many ways. The service does not involve funds allocated for warehousing, frees up employee capacity and does not take up storage space.

Customer support

Fulfillment takes care of every aspect of order fulfillment. Why is it important? 95% of consumers consider customer service a key factor in building the image of a reliable company. Logistics operators are responsible for maintaining positive relationships with customers, which affects order volume.

Fulfillment in practice

In order to understand the immense practicality and usefulness of fulfillment, it is useful to start with an overview of the entire process. The logistics operator is responsible for a number of functional operations.

Receipt of products

The first duty of the logistics partner is to receive the ordered cargo from the manufacturer. The company must carefully inspect each batch of goods, which prevents possible mistakes and irregularities.


This is another issue that a professional logistics operator takes on. The company should provide sufficient space and specialized conditions that meet the specifics and requirements of the products, as well as effective forms of protection against mechanical injury or theft. With this solution, online stores do not generate costs for storing goods.

Order processing

The entire assortment is entered into a modern system and integrated into the e-store data. Ordering means starting the procedure of packing and preparing for shipment. The warehouse staff identifies specific products and then places them in a package. Each shipment is properly labeled and secured. What’s more, logistics operators can also include gift cards, business cards, flyers or other promotional materials of the seller.


Fulfillment involves the best transportation companies that deliver the shipment directly to the end user. This stage of the process is particularly sensitive and requires the experience and resources of a professional carrier.